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Why choose Pokerstars Sports

The odds of absolute value, the quality of promotions and bonuses, the versatility of the platform that allows you to combine betting, skill games and games of chance are all aspects that make the offer of Pokerstars Sports highly competitive. Below we will focus on bonuses and promotions that the platform reserves for its customers, whether they are loyal players or new users. For new customers, simply click here to get to the registration form.

Pokerstars Sports promotions

As in all dynamic markets, promotions have become a pillar of the book’s offer, both to attract new customers by snatching them away from the competition and to retain those already acquired (especially regular players). Pokerstars Sports, with its strong experience in the world of poker, is very performing from this point of view and constantly offers promotions linked to single events or particular events.

Very popular are the promotions linked to the completion of missions or linked to the achievement of objectives limited in time or linked to a particular sporting event that entitle players to bonuses or cash prizes. Every day of the year, on the site, you will find numerous time-limited offers and Pokerstars Sports bonuses on specific competitions, whether it be football, basketball, tennis, rugby or American sports. Increased bonuses on multiples in football and tennis, Pokerstars Sports missions and the chance to participate in rich tournaments on Pokerstars are just a few examples of the promotions currently running.

Secure your winning bet from a goal in the last minutes Pokerstars Sports

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This is perhaps the most popular promotion for regulars, those semi-professional players who prefer to play singles rather than multiples. Thanks to this promotion the bettor will have the chance to be credited with a game bonus (up to a maximum of  $20 per single event,  $100 per week) if his winning bet up to the 80th minute turns into a losing one due to a goal scored in the last minutes of the game. The classic air bag against bad luck that any punter would like to have whenever his correct reading of the match is overturned by events often related to pure chance. The minimum stake of the event being wagered must be 1.50 and the bonus game will be credited 48 hours after the match is reported.

Pokerstars Sports Missions

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This promotion is borrowed from the poker platform and is particularly intriguing because it sets the bettor objectives, which are relatively easy to reach, linked both to his single bets and to particular sports events of medium-long duration. Here are a few examples: 1) win two single bets on football matches 2) win six single bets on the Wimbledon tournament. Each mission is explained in detail in the mission window, where you will also find the relevant terms and conditions. The available missions will always be visible within this window, so they should be visited regularly.

If you wish to take part in a mission and measure your progress, simply click on the “Start” button; you will have to do this before placing any valid bets for the promotion and once you have completed the mission, you will receive your bonus. The missions are easy to complete and allow you to win great bonuses.

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