Book of Darkness

Book of Darkness – this is how the slot is played.

To unlock the secret of the book, choose a side. When the dark wizard and the slayer meet in the Clash of Power, it comes to a showdown. At the latest then you have to be really sure of your abilities. My tutorial will not only cover the basic game – it will also deal with special functions.

As far as the basic game mechanics are concerned, I don’t really need to explain that much. The slot game clearly shows where its roots lie. You play a video slot whose 5 reels are simply started with the spin button. 

The decisive factor is the position of the winning symbols on the paylines. A valid winning combination can only be created from left to right. You can decide for yourself how much you want to pay out from the spin. The plus and minus signs under the game window adjust the bet. Not only the scatter offers the possibility to do this. With its help, you can trigger free spins while playing Book of Darkness. If you choose the champion in the Clash of Power mode, you can look forward to an additional round of free spins. All in all, the slot turns out to be an extremely action-packed slot game.

Book of Darkness payout table and payout percentage

Book of Darkness slot

Book of Darkness definitely grabbed me in the right place in the test. Betsoft implements the fantasy theme very well in my opinion. Nevertheless, I can’t let the software provider off the leash so easily. My Book of Darkness evaluation can only be complete with a look at the RTP.

With regard to the Book of Darkness payout ratio, the game comes up with a very decent result right off the bat. Of course, it does not immediately jump into the top group. However, 96.48 per cent return to player ensures the front midfield. Book of Darkness can – if the development potential is fully exploited – go a long way.

My Book of Darkness experience and rating

Book of Darkness demo

Book of Darkness is full of mysteries to be solved. The suspense curve is so high that even experienced slot fans get their money’s worth. I was captivated by the game from the very first minute. What Betsoft does very well in this context is to involve inexperienced players in the slot game.

I noticed an unusual feature in connection with the wild symbol during testing. The book can not only replace other winning symbols. On the one hand, it pays out on the reels – and is also the scatter. With it, you can trigger free spins when playing Book of Darkness for real money.

Where does this information come from? Quite simple: If you can play Book of Darkness for free, you should take a look at the paytable of the online slot. The Book of Darkness paytable contains all the information about the game mechanics. You will also find an overview of the payout values of the symbols – which I have included in the above table for the sake of simplicity.

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